Public Services and Administration

Elmann’s department within Public Services and Administration is known for its specialized and in-depth knowledge of the public sector together with the political environment, in connection to administration and municipalities.

Elmann have a close relationship with the relevant authorities and have great experience and understanding about which terms the public sector is subjected to and the related political processes.

The Public Services and Administration Team is experts within government regulation and can advise municipalities, districts, public firms, medico companies and private businesses.

Our areas pf expertise include:

  • PPI and PPC Projects
  • Public Procurement and State Aid
  • Legal Processes in regards to Public Authorities
  • Counselling in regards to Procurements and Complaints
  • Complex Contracts
  • Environmental and Planning Law
  • Competition Law
  • Social Rights and Financial Circumstances

  • Contact:

    Henrik Græsdal
    Attorney-at-Law (L),

    T: (+45) 51 74 01 99