Company law

Elmann provides specialised advice on company law and other aspects of commercial law, which is one of the office's core competencies.
Our company law experts have broad expertise in the affairs of the Danish corporate sector, an expertise they have gained, e.g.,  from directorships and that thus gives them substantial insight into and experience in commercial affairs.
We advise Danish as well as international businesses, foundations and associations on all aspects of company law, always tailoring our advisory services to the special needs and industry of the client.
Acting as a sparring partner to our client, we advise on:

  •       choice of business vehicle or corporate form
  •       formation of companies and branches
  •       mergers, demergers, conversions and other corporate reorganisation
  •       shareholders agreements
  •       articles of association
  •       capital structures
  • We also have extensive experience in negotiating, preparing and interpreting all types of commercial contracts


    Søren Ingerslev
    Attorney-at-Law (L), LLM,
    MBA, Partner

    T: (+45) 33 34 78 03
    M: (+45) 30 31 94 51