Litigation and arbitration

At Elmann, we have specialists with many years’ experience safeguarding our clients' interests in disputes, conducting litigation and arbitration proceedings, including group actions.
We know how the courts work and can guide our clients safely through litigation or arbitration proceedings, ensuring the most cost effective solutions. We identify the opportunities and risks down to the finest detail, and then work out a clear strategy.
We offer advisory services within:

  •       dispute resolution
  •       settlements
  •       litigation
  •       arbitration proceedings
  •       mediation
  •       injunction proceedings
  • We have significant experience in conducting legal proceedings before all Danish courts, including the Danish Supreme Court. Moreover, we have wide expertise in handling arbitration proceedings, including cases before the Court of Arbitration of Building and Construction Work.
    We further assist our clients in alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation and other structured settlement negotiations.
    In addition, we assist our clients in cases requiring expert reports and searches to preserve evidence.


    Finn Lynge Jepsen
    Attorney-at-Law (H),

    T: (+45) 33 34 78 04

    Kasper Westberg
    Attorney-at-Law (H),

    T: (+45) 33 34 78 12
    M: (+45) 20 33 50 04