Finance and capital markets

It requires still more resources and specialist knowledge to interpret and comply with the laws governing securities markets, which are increasingly based on EU law.

Moreover, corporate governance principles and recommendations are in greater focus, and the laws governing securities markets, including the duty of disclosure, and the rules on offering securities for sale are becoming increasingly technical.

Elmann gives clients advice on all financing aspects, including the ongoing financing of businesses and acquisition financing connected with transferring undertakings, acquiring property, financing projects, restructuring, etc.

We also provide advisory services to banks and other financial players on finance law, and we advise on all aspects of stock exchange listings or verification of offering memoranda.

Our services include:

  •       mandatory disclosure regulations
  •       voluntary and mandatory takeover bids
  •       delisting
  •       finance law
  •       syndicated loan agreements
  •       acquisition financing, refinancing and distressed debt
  •       investment grade loans
  •       securitisation
  •       project financing, including public-private partnerships (PPPs)
  •       guarantee and security

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    Søren Ingerslev
    Attorney-at-Law (L), LLM,
    MBA, Partner

    T: (+45) 33 34 78 03
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