Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Marketing Law

It is important for a successful business to be well aware of the values attached to intellectual property assets and rights such as trademarks, designs, names and domain names and the need to protect these values through registration, surveillance and consistent enforcement.

Elmann advises and assists with registration, administration and enforcement of intellectual property rights via a large global network of skilled and well reputed IPR attorneys and specialists.

Elmann also advises on IT and marketing law and has significant expertise with digital marketing.

Our expertise cover:

  • Strategic advice on protection of rights and revision of IPR portfolios
  • Trademark searches and clearing of new names and brands
  • Registration, administration, renewal, assignment and watch of trademarks and designs
  • Domain complaints and take-downs from social media and digital trade platforms
  • Customs surveillance and enforcement
  • Clearing commercials and advertisement concepts, including advise on branch specific regulation (compliance)
  • Drafting and negotiating commercial agreements such as distribution, license, production and agent agreements

  • We can assist with legal representation in all types of court proceedings, including preliminary injunction proceedings and securing evidence proceedings, before Danish courts and all forms of administrative proceedings, including opposition, cancellation and appeal proceedings before the Danish PTO and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)



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